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Apartments in the Czech Republic: Prague - Karlovy Vary

What makes a good rest? You choose a tour: a country, city, and hotel. Then you insert yourself, your expectations and dreams into a suggested frame. But will the days, spent within limits given to you, become YOUR days? It will only be a TOUR…

We don’t arrange tours. We help you to spend a part of your LIFE.

You will not be deprived of the ability to casually go to the kitchen for a glass of water or juice.

You will be able, as usual, to sit by the window in the kitchen, outside and at the dinner in the oven. YOUR dinner.

Only polite and most welcome guests will knock at your door.

You will have guests and never be late for breakfast.

You will share your lunch and dinner time with the people that are pleasant to be with.

Your neighbors wouldn’t change every other day.

No door banging or luggage rattle will disturb you in YOUR corridor.

You don’t need to change your lifestyle, you just have an opportunity to bring your home into this magical city…

And we are here to offer you our friendly help. We are glad to help you as we would help our dearest friends.

Visiting the Czech Republic

Europe has always been one of the most favorite holiday destinations. Among the variety of European countries we point out the Czech Republic. Here you will find recreation and treatment, entertainment and tours, which don’t require spending huge sums on hotels and restaurants. You only need to rent a comfortable apartment in the Czech Republic. Living in your own apartment, you become not just a tourist, but a non-resident citizen of the country. The Czech Republic is a country of rich heritage, variable cuisine, and great history.

Local cuisine

You will undoubtedly fall in love with the Czech cuisine when you get here. The country is famous for its meat dishes, seasoned with delicious sauces and roasted. These dishes are recommended to accompany with famous Czech beer. Everything, from a main course to dessert, is available in local restaurants near your apartment or in some picturesque places. You can also cook in your own kitchen, using local products, and bring tasty joy to all your family.

Places of interest

Hiking in this country will remain in your memory for ever. There are many heritage assets of the Middle Ages in Prague and Karlovy Vary. For instance, you can visit and experience:

  • medieval instruments of torture
  • the famous Charles Bridge
  • many Czech breweries
  • well-known gloomy ossuary
  • local festivals and carnivals
  • of course, you can have a trip to Germany, Austria, Hungary, or any other European country on our comfortable van
  • a course of treatment in Czech spa resorts

The most wonderful thing in your journey is the opportunity to improve your health in famous Czech spa resorts and salt caves. Here you will find the treatment that would restore your youth, beauty, and liveliness. Local physical treatments include:

  • paraffinotherapy
  • peloid pack
  • sauna
  • steam room etc.
  • And all these treatments are not far from your apartment in the city center. It allows visiting mineral springs every day and drinking the water as soon as it comes out, so that it remains ultimately healthy.

    Apartments in the Czech Republic

    Now let’s assess the apartments. There are two comfort levels: economy and comfort. Living floor space of the apartments is 42 to 95 square meters. You can rent an apartment for a pair of lovers, for a family, for a company of 6-7 people. Apartments provide everything necessary for a comfortable living: a kitchen, shower room, bedrooms, all home appliances, TV channels in Russian. The windows face wonderful scenery, a balcony is also there. All apartments have been carefully repaired and renovated.

    Don’t miss a unique chance to make your dream come true and to spend unforgettable days in Karlovy Vary or Prague. All you need to do to organize a trip and rent an apartment in the Czech Republic is to get a consultation in our office or visit our site We will arrange your trip as well as could be expected, beginning with meeting you at the airport, and then offering you different excursions, spa treatment and Czech festivities.

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